Northallerton Model Railway N Gauge

Northallerton in North Yorkshire is an N gauge (1:148) representative layout of the post 2000s  privatised network, set in Autumn and constructed by members of the Cleveland Model Railway  Club. The layout is DCC controlled by an ESU ECoS utilising iphones and ipads for handheld wireless  operation.
Northallerton has always been a major junction on the ECML and it remains so this day. Although the track arrangement has gone through various incarnations, we have attempted to represent the track  as it is today. Many local features can be identified on the layout including some of the railway  buildings.
Stock is mainly the usual Farish and Dapol although there are some offerings from CJM and the odd  3d printed model. Of note is the autumnal Rail Head Treatment Train (RHTT) hauled by a pair of class  37s. Class 66s and class 60s can be seen hauling steel, coal, containers amongst other freight.  Passenger stock includes class 91s, HSTs and voyagers.
Brief description of Northallerton Layout
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